Wavelength Management   Switch and Routing
  100G and 200G TFF 3-port OADM devices, 100G and 200G Mux / Demux modules for DWDM systems...   A wide variety of fiber optical component and sub-component for system integration in switching and routing applications...
Power Management   EDFA Application
  In-line Isolator, Hybrid Isolator, VOA, PBC, Coupler that manage or help managing power in optical communications ...   Photop provides cost-down solutions of photonics manufacturing services, OEM & CM for EDFA application.
Aegis and AOFR   PM Series
  Aegis Lightwave builds cost-effective solutions for intelligent optical networks that are used for video, data ...   Photop's Polarization Maintaining series has been used in Fiber Optics Instruments, EDFA, and Coherent Communication...

Optical Communication Products and Product Roadmap
  As a leading vertical integrated manufacturer and supplier of Fiber Optical Components, Devices, functional and OE Modules, Photop provides not only the functional modules for Wavelength Management, Switch & Amplifier; Routing, Power Configuration, and EDFA, but also the building blocks, such as, subcomponent, component for the functional module and optoelectronic integrated modules, for example, OADM, DWDM, EDFA, etc.

The ability to manufacture in-house from building blocks to functional modules strongly demonstrates Photop's unique internal supply and capability of vertical integration on design, engineering, and manufacturing in Optical Communication industry. The in-house integration greatly ensures the quality control over traceability and failure analysis, reduces BOM cost of our products, expedites on-going improvements, and optimize the design of our products.
Optical Communications Product Roadmap
    Subcomponent Component Module & OE Module
Wavelength Management   Edge Filter Device OADM Module
    CWDM Device CWDM Module
    DWDM Device Mini CWDM Module
    Bandpass Device DWDM Module
    High Isolation WDM 18CH CWDM Optical Power Meter
Switch and Routing Fiber Pigtail Optical Switch  
  Connector Circulator  
  Collimator   Wavelength Locker
Power Management   VOA  
    Coupler Series Coupler Module
EDFA Application FSI Isolator EDFA
  Isolator Core Hybrid Device  
    GFF Component  
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