Wavelength locker is used to provide reference for the wavelength shift of laser diode in high dense WDM network,
Photop wavelength locker leverages Photop's high precision optics fabrication and low cost hermetically-sealing package technologies to exhibit an extremely thermal stability and wide capture range.
Photop developed a new novel free space isolator to replace conventional free space isolator at the comparable performance
but lower cost. The Crystal Free Space Isolator is made from Faraday rotator and Photop's proprietary crystal.

Based on our strong Design and Package technologies by our NPI team, and utilizing our unique technology platforms
of Optical Contact, Diffusion Bonding, and Seam Sealing, Photop specializes in high reliable opto-opto and opto-mechanical assemblies which enable a wide variety of integration for different instrumentation applications.

10mm to 50.8mm diameter
248nm to 2 micron wavelength range
Multiple order & Zero order design
High LDT AR coating or uncoated
Cell mounted
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